Before starting a tarot reading, the reader needs to makes sure they are sitting in a comfortable position.

He can start focusing, using a form of meditation. Deep breathing while focusing on each part of the body and visualizing the breath coming from that specific part each time can help relax the body and mind, emptying the soul from personal burdens and directing the energy to the reading itself. Another way to loosen our body is to take a deep breath and count to four. When exhaling we can repeat the counting but this time try it more slowly. At the end of the exhalation, we may try to focus all of our energy to our belly. If we can repeat this rhythmical process for the duration of two minutes we will start feeling warmth in the area of the abdomen and calmness that resembles the state of the body before going to sleep.

There are also other ways of accomplishing the serenity that is needed in order to perform a proper reading. A cup of warm herbal tea, the sounds of ambient music, or even nature sounds such as birds, the wind or sea waves could help release the tension from the body and mind. Alcohol is not suggested before a reading as it may prevent energies from flowing and interrupt our intuition from been activated. The reader needs to be in a secluded space alone or with the person concerned on the reading, away from unwanted noise and strong lighting. The way to prepare ourselves for this procedure may differ from person to person according to their personal taste and habits. Some people may find meditation more effective where others could simply relax and concentrate using the power of music.

2010-11-12 Agfa Parat 1 Agfa Color-Apotar 30mm f/2.8 lens Ilford Delta 400 (800-push) 35mm film Agfa Rodinal (1+50) developer 20¼C - 18.5min

1.The first step in a tarot interpreting is the choice of a card that represents the person involved in the reading. It is called the tarot pointer and is used to define the reading and relate to the cards that will follow. This card may be a figure of the relating the attributes of the figure illustrated with the personality traits of the person interested, or a card from the court of the according to the age and appearance of the participant. It is also likely for the reader to choose another card that could symbolize the troubles that the participant is facing. This card will be excluded from the deck and the reader will use the rest to begin the process. In this case it is preferable not to choose one of the Major Arcana cards for this purpose for they are very important and highly descriptive. In most tarot arrangements the pointer is placed in the middle with the rest of the cards around it.

2.The second step preparing ourselves for the reading is the shuffling. A correct shuffling is aiming to divide the cards as randomly as possible in order to achieve a completely neutral before the reading where the participant can add their own personal touch. The person concerned is shuffling, using their left hand, rotating the cards, left to right, on the table, repeating this move as many times as it is needed in order to induce his/her energy flow in the process.

3.After shuffling, comes cutting. The participant cuts the tarot deck, dividing it into three sections, using again his left hand, left to right. The reader gathers the cards back in the same sequence they were divided so that the top cards are matching the ones of the first column that was cut.

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