Geminis are often perceived as unfaithful partners.

There is an unfair generalization and prejudice interpretation for Geminis concerning their loyalty. The idea that Geminis are cheating is not exactly accurate. Geminis tend to experience emotion in a different pace. They don’t communicate their emotions directly. They instead tend to process them in a unique cerebral manner.

They often sent signals of disappointment and frustration that are too indirect for their partner to comprehend. They tend to imply what they feel. If their partner does not respond to their implications, they and seek for love and understanding elsewhere. It is important to listen closely to a in order to understand when they are unhappy in a relationship. If they start telling you that you have changed and take their time to return your calls, you should know they have already found someone new. If you want to know the 3 signs that a Gemini communicates when they are cheating on you, read the following article.

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Gemini people, historically, have been misunderstood.

Whether we are talking about a or woman, it does not really matter.

Gemini people across the board are easy to misunderstand. In fact, they have been misunderstood and maligned throughout history.

This really is too bad because Gemini people are very charming, quite creative, and able to see connections when most people cannot see much connections.

To say that they can be an asset to any team is an understatement. They bring a lot to the table, a lot of dynamism, and they can definitely bring a lot of excitement.

To top it all off, they also have a great sense of humor. What is not to love?

Unfortunately, the typical Gemini has a dark side as well. It is not uncommon for people to feel that their Gemini partner betrayed them or stabbed them in the back and that they are liars and cannot be trusted.

The reason for this is the fact the Geminis are complicated personalities.

They have different aspects of their personality. If you do not get this, you are really playing with fire.

The worst part is that it will be all your fault and not your Gemini partner’s. Why?…

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