A Sagittarius man is often characterized as the typical bachelor.

Even though this not exactly accurate, there is definitely some truth in it as all male no matter what background they are coming from, find commitment a little bit scary. They usually take it really slow and tend to have casual relationships rather than serious long-term ones. On the other hand if they meet the right woman they slowly surrender to the most romantic paths of love. When they fall in love they experience a whole emotional transformation. They become tender and affectionate towards their lover. If you are dating a male Sagittarius and you have witnessed this transformation, then you know what I am talking about.

Yet Male Sagittarius can be very impulsive creatures. You may suddenly, one day sense they have lost interest in you. It may all happen so quickly that you can’t figure out the reasons they act this way. Here is the most important reasons or signs that can tell you why a male Sagittarius .

1. They feel suffocated when they sense your dependency

A woman that can fascinate a male archer must be a confident and independent woman. As Sagittarius men are very self-assured themselves, they need a similar partner. They love to flirt and need to feel they are in a constant erotic conquering game. When the two of you become closer, this doesn’t change. They need to know they can still have their personal space and their other half is strong enough to protect themselves. This doesn’t mean they won’t be protective towards you. It is just going to happen in their terms. If they sense you are starting to depend on them, they will feel suffocated and become distant.


2. The Sex has changed

Male Sags give a lot of emphasis to their sexual performance. For them the idea of a good relationship is almost identified with good sex. In their eyes love-making is a ritual. It must have elements of passion, sensuality and eroticism. It may also become kinky or an extremely physical act. Due to their physical nature Sagittarius men are very much in touch with their body. If a male archer is in love, he tends to be very generous in the bedroom. He needs to see his woman satisfied but only if he knows he will get the same treatment. If you are dating a male Sagittarius you possibly had some very intense sexual moments with them. If your Sagittarius man is starting to gradually in the bedroom, you should be certain he is also starting to lose interest in you.

3. They are often moody and negative

Male Sagittarius love their personal freedom. They need to know they can do anything they want whenever they want without any restrictions. If they lose interest in a relationship they can hardly hide their feelings. They want to communicate the truth to their partner but they also need to know that they can come and go from the relationship whenever they please. They might not want to be with you today but tomorrow they might want you back. They don’t want to pull the curtains as they are afraid they might change their mind later. So they become moody and negative towards their partner but they might not finish it off.

In any case when a male Sagittarius falls in love, it means he has finally found the right woman. If your Sagittarius partner was in love you and is suddenly behaving weird make sure to use the above indications in order to win him back. It is not too late.

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