Sagittarius are the zodiac sign that is most afraid of commitment and this is why they tend to have several sexual partners at the same time.

A can experience various simultaneous relationships in different stages. For example they start a new relationship whilst having another one that is soon to come to an end and at the same time they are seeing someone only as a partner and nothing more.

This usually happens because they are afraid of falling in love as deep inside they are very romantic and sensitive and they want to avoid getting hurt. As a result, the way they see sex is almost completely practical to the extent that they may forget to fulfill their partner’s needs. They have to remember that it takes two to tango and no one will ever really stay with them if they don’t change their perspective on love making. If you want discover 3 essential things about sex that as a Sagittarius you usually forget, read the following article.

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The interesting thing about the Sagittarius and sex is that they are quite fond of each other.

Seriously, Sagittarius people do not have a problem meeting with members of the opposite sex. In fact, they do not have a problem with getting along with different people from all four corners of the world.

That is the distinct blessing of the Sagittarius personality.

They seem to have this air about them that is open ended and people feel that there is no barrier in approaching a Sagittarius. To say that Sagittarius people can get quite popular is an understatement.

They seem to have this gift of being able to relate to people regardless of where they come from, what they look like, and what they believe in.

Sagittarius individuals always have a way of looking for commonalities and bridging seemingly unbridgeable divides.

With that said, it is also worth understanding that this ease of interpersonal connection is the biggest weakness of Sagittarius people.

Getting along with other people and reaching out socially comes so easily to them that their friendships never become really substantive. It is not uncommon for Sagittarius people having very few real friends.

They have many, many acquaintances and associates, people seek them out, they are extremely popular on a shallow level, but to where it really counts, they can get quite lonely…

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