Authentic people have a calm approach to life.

They may seem introvert people to others but in reality their inner confidence allows them to speak only when they feel it is right and necessary. They don’t waste their energy gossiping or getting involved in dramatic situations. They always think before they speak and so their ideas and opinions are based on valid arguments rather than instantaneous frivolous expressions.

Authentic people feel comfortable with their body and psyche and thus they seek spending time alone as they enjoy being with themselves. They understand the importance of each moment in life and don’t waste their time with meaningless conversations or activities. When they love someone, their feeling of empathy and compassion are genuine and they truly wish the best for that person. If you want to know more about the traits of people read the following article.

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We all think of ourselves as pretty authentic, striving to be the best possible versions of ourselves that we can. Each day we become stronger, wiser, more grounded, more loving and confident.

It’s not easy being an authentic person and it takes courage to stand up for yourself and for your own wants and needs. To follow your inner voice and hearts desires can be an uphill battle. Let alone the societal and religious dogmas that have been thrust upon us.

After working our way through we still, are faced with the challenge of finding out for ourselves what we truly would like to get out of this world while were here.
Authentic people, have mastered these traits and stay true to their hearts– no matter how far off the beaten trail it may lead.

1.They think before they speak

Authentic people are not run by their emotions and they know how to assess a situation before giving their input.

2. They speak for what is right; not for what is popular

Standing up for what is right isn’t always easy to do, especially when faced by peers and elders who think differently. It takes confidence and courage to stand firm in the face of scrutiny.

3. They indulge in conversations with depth

Authentic people aren’t captivated by mainstream hype, the next it girl or guy or the latest buzz in the media. They yearn for deep and meaningful conversation. They want to explore your mind, your heart and your soul.

4. They don’t pay to gossip or drama

It is said that gossip stops upon meeting wise ears, and gossip always stops with an authentic person. They don’t take kindly to those who choose to speak harshly of other behinds their backs and make a non-judgmental note of the “witch that warned them” Quite often you will find the words turned back around on you, when attempting to spread gossip, to an authentic person…

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