On an everyday basis we may encounter people that carry negative energy due to stress or anxiety.

These can be easily absorbed by us unless we learn how to deal with them. Have you ever noticed that by being an empath you may absorb you friend’s tension or stress and be left feeling empty or drained? This sudden mood swing is certainly caused by soaking up all the that people we have strong contact with may carry. Most of the time when we receive bad vibes we are not aware of it at the time it happens. It is more common to notice our mood swings afterwards and it is also likely not to be able to realize how we are suddenly feeling so tense when a few moments ago we were calm and peaceful.

We may be able to resist the reception of negative if we learn how to listen to other people’s problems while keeping an objective eye, without putting our whole being into the situation the other person is involved in. This is a very hard thing to accomplish especially when we feel very close to the other person. If you want to discover more ways to avoid negative vibes, read the following article.

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Plus Minus Attraction

What Are Some of the Signs That You Have Picked Up Negative Energies?

  • You may get dropped calls, or a sudden, passing static on your phone while speaking to someone at a location where you don’t normally have that experience.
  • You may start feeling depressed out of the blue (!) and you’re not clinically depressed.
  • Suddenly, you can’t log into your bank account (or any other online account) and keep getting an error message even though your internet connection seems to be strong.
  • You get extremely tired all of a sudden and feel the need to take a nap even though you are not sleep-deprived.
  • You feel resistant to helping yourself, or giving yourself something you know you need (i.e. You may resist eating when you are actually hungry).
  • Your throat feels sore as if you’ve caught a flu virus (sometimes that is how our body reacts to the lower energy).
  • You lose your house keys or your wallet, lock your car keys inside your car, or have something you value stolen.
  • An email you sent out does not reach its intended recipient and hours later you get a mailer daemon message.
  • All of a sudden, your mind starts spinning on negative thoughts about someone or a situation of the past (which you had done inner work on to clear), etc. No matter how hard you try to wave them off, they stick to you like chewing gum on asphalt under 90 degrees.
  • You engage in behaviors that are against self-love, such as spending money on unnecessary shopping, when you don’t have the budget for it, etc. This is especially valid if it is out of character for you to do so.

The possibilities are endless, so ultimately it’s up to each of us to recognize and make note of these patterns, as they are personal. It took me several years to recognize what happens to me when I am effected by lower energies. Experiencing a combination of these on the same day, or in a short amount of time – especially if they are not regular occurrences – can help you see what is happening. It becomes clearer as you learn to tune-in your awareness…

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