Geminis are great communicators and deeply intellectual people.

They love words in every form, written or spoken. They are great talkers but not the best listeners. Firstly you should give them the space to express and communicate their ideas and beliefs. They will feel they are being heard and understood. As they are art lovers they will need to know you share the same interests whatever they may be from literature to music.

Engage with them intellectually. If you make love to their brain first they will surrender to you unconditionally. As they are free spirits they need to feel that have space and freedom in a . Let them enjoy their freedom but don’t forget to remind them how much you are attracted to them as they might lose complete focus on the relationship. If you want to find out more tips on how to seduce a , read the following article.
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Gemini loves flirtatiousness

Flatter, flirt and compliment them. When you are alone, sneak a hand hold in, tell them you really like them and you like their company. Gemini will often be endeared by this fact.

Use sweet words, words, words..

Seduction is in the use of your language. One hot tip: Gemini loves dirty talk and attention! Communicate your ideas and thoughts, your moods… with them.

Excitement not Drama is needed!

Create TENSION and CURIOSITY.. a suspenseful situation in which you don’t know what will happen next’ll snap Gemini’s back to you!

The Moody Gemini

Gemini can be moody, restlessly and unpredictably flowing with the wind: one day they’ll will come to you, the other day they’re unaware of you! Just play this same game if you want to seduce them…

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