Sagittarius can be helplessly and they a good laugh. They are suckers for poetry and romantic ideas so don’t hesitate to encourage this side of them. Sexually they are quite imaginative and playful so surprise them with sexy underwear or role-playing games and you won’t regret it!

They are not faithful by nature and tend to want to show off about it. So when a Sagittarius is not flirting with others then it is a definite sign that they fancy you. In order to keep their interest intact you should always come across as someone who can keep their head together even in difficult situation, as a dynamic yet serene suits them best.

They love a good laugh and have a peculiar sense of humor that may come across as childish at times. If you find their jokes naive then you should look for love elsewhere as this is only the beginning. They will never change their frivolous ways even for someone who they are truly attracted to.

They love a good fruitful argument, so they need a partner that can challenge them intellectually. You can tell if they fancy you because they might come across a bit milder than usual within an argument, as these fiery signs may express a bit too much on the heat of the moment in a usual conversation.

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