Scorpios are the hardest to seduce. They love mystery and they hate expressing their feelings so make sure you communicate yours physically. You can never guess what they think unless you are in bed with them.

No matter how close you think you are with a Scorpio, you will never know what truly goes on in their mind. Most of the time they are not even sure what they truly believe as they can get very emotionally confused. If you help them untangle the emotional chaos that lies in their soul you may become the ‘mentor’ type of lover that they need.

I am sure you have heard about the ‘Scorpio Revenge’. They will know what can hurt you the most and actually make your worse nightmare come true if you hurt a Scorpio. So try to be honest with them and do not play with a Scorpio’s heart. They can be stubborn as hell and will avenge you until you wish you had never treated them unjustly.

So a Scorpio would never treat you, the way they do not want to be treated. They will respect you as long as you do. They might be the most and extremely sexual lovers on the zodiac cycle but they are kind of old-fashioned also. They are suckers for long-term and dream of someone who will want to be with them until an old age. They secretly want someone to grow old together so maybe you can make them fantasize that with you.

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