Libras can be romantic but also very elegant. Make a comment on their outfit cause they have spent hours choosing what to wear. They love to go out in fancy places and prefer a luxurious way of living. Buy an expensive bottle of wine or take them to nice concert, they will definitely notice you!

Libras have an inherent need for social and personal approval. But they tend to be very discreet about it. They love to be complemented but if you praise the hidden traits of their personality they will fall in love with you unconditionally. They need to be useful to their as this way, they get a sense of belonging. Ask them for favors. A direct and impulsive partner, excites them more than anything.

It may be easy to manipulate a because they are very indecisive about everything. So if you put a lot of choices on the table, a Libra may get very confused and be left wondering what to choose for hours or even days if it is an important decision that needs to be made. You can easily direct a Libra towards a choice that reflects your personal interest, but this way you are building a based on deception that won’t last long because it is starts a pattern for power struggles. The best way to become one with a Libra is to help them see the truth behind the choices that they have to make and help them decide what suits them best. This way you will become, irreplaceable for them as they will always need you to untangle their complex mind.

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