Leos will need all your attention. In order to them try to show them they are your priority, that they come first in your life. But don’t overdo it as they get easily bored and might look for excitement elsewhere. They want to feel challenged, like they constantly have something in line that should be conquered by their charm. Just suggest their importance in your life by asking them to help you with your house chores, or praise their intellectual and artistic side. You will immediately feel the attraction growing stronger.

They need to feel special and unique in every way. Make them feel they are the best and you won’t regret it. They can give themselves to you unconditionally only if they feel that you need them.

You may find it difficult at times to be with a , as it make take a lot of energy to reassure someone constantly and in everything that they do. In reality, a balanced Leo doesn’t need reassurance as they have developed their world enough to know where they really stand and who they are as individuals. They just want to know that you respect and admire their personal values and traits. In order to seduce a Leo, make sure you they know your true feelings for them without actually becoming overwhelming. Try and make it game rather than a serious emotional exchange. This way you will keep their interest for you intact.

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