Cancers are the most sensitive sign in the Zodiac cycle. They are considered to be the ‘Mothers’ of the zodiac, so don’t hesitate to show them your vulnerabilities. They will immediately feel that they can help and be useful emotionally. They have a natural urge to help and protect others and they have a high level of intelligence. Don’t be surprised if they fulfill your emotional needs before you even realize they existed.

In return, they pursue a lot of attention. They want to know that you will always be there when they need you but in a non-superficial manner. They are not interested in gifts and but they rather need a lover who can be there practically but also emotionally.

When they feel emotionally ignored, they can do anything to attract your interest. They actually need to be the center of your attention at all times and will try everything to accomplish that. They are highly sensitive and can easily feel rejected or hurt. So never treat them or talk to them abruptly but always try to show your love and understanding. This way, a cancer will never leave your side.

In order to seduce a Cancer you need to show them that you deeply care for them. If you show them and affection, they will be yours forever. But don’t try to fool them because their emotional intelligence is really high and they don’t take betrayal lightly!

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