Geminis will only fall in with someone who has the ability to mentally challenge them. They love to communicate intellectually and spiritually. Literature, cinema and music are their favorite topics of conversation. Since they usually share loads of knowledge and ideas they need their partner to be intellectually expressive or at least interested in the same things that they are.

They have a limitless imagination and love to express their feelings in almost an artistic manner. The way they articulate their love to their partner may come out as beautiful poems, so if you prefer a more introvert lover or someone who doesn’t express their romantic feelings often, then a is not the right person for you. When a Gemini sense that you underestimate their way of expressing their inner self to you, they may get hurt irreparably and end the .

On the other hand if you would love to go on an emotional journey where you can use your imagination to explore the ways of love, a Gemini is the right person for you. If they are interested in you, they will make you feel emotionally safe, as long as you constantly reassure their need to articulate their emotions in-depth.

They can literally talk for hours and if you are really interested in seducing them you should let them do so. This way they will feel they have found someone who cares for the same things that they do! If you are an introvert, it is not a good idea to get involved with a Gemini, as they will eventually demand from you to alter your personality, in order to become more communicative. This might bring pressure into the relationship.

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