They a good laugh. If it’s your first date do your research and take them somewhere nice. They prefer an elegant and graceful lover that takes care of their personal appearance and overall health. They don’t open up easily in the beginning as they need to know they are walking in a safe ground. It might take a few dates to truly reveal their interest in you, so be patient and try to get to know them better.

When they are certain you are for them, they will immediately transform to the ‘hunter type’ of lover. They won’t hesitate to hit on you directly, and will try to seduce you no matter what it takes. tend to buy expensive gifts, or make romantic gestures to the one they truly want to give themselves to. So if you are interested in a Taurus, be ready for big and luxurious surprises.

They also love to travel, so if you want to seduce an Taurus, make sure you talk to them about your previous travelling experiences and adventurous. They love to imagine strange and foreign places, so you may excite their imagination this way. They may also see you as an interesting and exciting individual and immediately start picturing places you two could visit together.

They love their comfort and the good things in life. If you cook a nice meal for them you will certainly get their attention. If you invite them to your place make sure to put on tasteful music and to use candles in order to create the perfect atmosphere. Scents and perfume are something that can really turn a Taurian on.

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