An needs to feel that they are free in every way possible and hate the idea of commitment. They need to know that the doesn’t restrict them but on the contrary it helps them grow spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. They are highly intelligent so they need someone who can fulfill their for exchanging valuable ideas.

An Aquarius also needs to feel that they have an equally intellectually stimulating partner. They will admire someone who has a broad range of knowledge but doesn’t necessarily show off because of it. A modest yet, passionately expressive lover can inspire the imaginative world of an Aquarius.

They can be faithful to they truly love, but if they lose their trust they can easily turn for love elsewhere. They get excited by new ideas and concepts, so if you are interested in seducing them you must always find inventive ways to arouse their interest. Rare movies, books or strange vintage clothing with a small story behind them would seem the ideal gift for an Aquarius.

In bed they are playful and imaginative. Do not hesitate to surprise them with unconventional love games.They can easily feel imprisoned in a relationship so show them your interest but leave them some breathing space. If you become demanding you will lose them forever.

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