We usually tend to lick our wounds after a long term relationship and end up being alone for too long.

If you want to get back in the , here is twelve tips that can help you according to your . For Taurus it is difficult since they have been too hurt and they really don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. Don’t worry make your move and keep in mind that you don’t have to marry this one.

Sagittarius are too quick with words and too spontaneous in their actions. They can use these talents to get anyone they want. Use your sense of humor and the person you are interested in will not resist your charms. Pisces know more than anyone they have nothing to lose by risking. The worst that could happen is having a few drinks with a stranger. So what? Take your chance, tonight may be your lucky night. If you want to get back in the love game in a few easy steps according to your Zodiac sign, read the following article.

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Use these secret tips for your sign to meet and keep someone special.

Looking for love is a tricky and sometimes tedious business – all those dates with all the wrong people and all that wasted time. It’s frustrating. Luckily you can use a few tricks of the planetary trade to speed up the process toward true love…

Aries: You always recognize potential lovers immediately, but you don’t always take action. No matter where you spot them, just charge right up and demand to know what time you should pick them up. You’ll drive and you’ll choose the restaurant. Any questions? You have the answers.

Taurus: That sensuality you ooze 24/7 isn’t always so obvious. The last relationship nearly did you in and you’re still recovering, and maybe hiding. Stop that. Get off the couch, wiggle into something that’s just so you, and get back in the game. Love is out there, and if anyone can attract it, it’s you. But you have to go out more.

Gemini: See that person in the corner over there? who’s tapping and fidgeting and obviously can’t wait to leave? They’ve got your name all over them. Sidle up just close enough to let him or her “eavesdrop” easily, then offer a verbal medley of your greatest, wittiest observations. Toss ’em a glance and if you lock eyes, make your move…

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