Every has different tastes or even different taboos in the bedroom.

Some are more shy, others more erotic where eithers may have no reservations when it comes to intimate intercourse. So it is difficult to find the perfect match for physical contact. But there are definitively some combinations that are more powerful sensually than others.

The first rule is that the opposite DO attract. So all the opposite star signs, like Aries and Libra or Taurus and Scorpio may have contradictory elements in the way they communicate with each other but there is an intense physical chemistry that can overpower the relationship. The second rule that applies here is that all the signs that belong to the same element (air, water, fire, earth) are more compatible with each other sexually. If you want to find you exact Zodiac sex match, don’t hesitate to read what comes next!

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Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The sunny lion is the performer and wants to be adored and respected. This sign will shower you with love and playful sex. They love to lavish affection onto Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius, although two Leos in the bedroom might prove competitive when it comes to their fiery egos…

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