Tejal Patni comes from Dubai and is a fashion photographer who regards astrology as a practice that people can use to come closer to themselves and their beliefs.

He has produced a series of photographs for 2015 that gives another perspective to the Symbols, a Zodiac Calendar that is combining fashion, creativity and astrology. In his breathtaking photos, he explores the personality traits of each using different fabrics and appropriate textures.

He uses the contrast or the affinity of color to create suitable backgrounds where its zodiac symbol can be communicated according to its unique aura. The poses of his models are revealing the zodiac personality undertones. The dreamy atmosphere that his photos convey can sometimes remind us a fairytale world or even characters out of a science fiction film. If you want to have a look at these stunning don’t hesitate to read the following article.

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Regardless of whether or not you believe in horoscopes, it’s always interesting to read about the classic traits of your astrological sign and compare them to yourself.

Whether you’re an adventurous Aries, a fiery Leo or a shy Virgo, you’ll be surprised to find that your Zodiac sign can actually reveal a lot about you.

Tejal Patni is a Dubai-based photographer who certainly believes in the powers of astrology.

After having a lot of success with his fashion-forward Splash Calendar last year, he set out to create a new 2015 edition that ultimately gives his runway-ready models a makeover inspired by the stars.

That’s right, this year’s calendar will feature all of the Zodiac signs in a high fashion sense like you’ve never seen before.

In this series of incredible images, Patni mixes different fabrics and poses to blur the lines between coveted couture and the classic characteristics of each sign. The results of his creative photoshoot are nothing short of stunning…

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