Aquarius are loners and carve their own paths in life.

They hate following groups or movements as they have a unique way of communicating and understanding life. They are great thinkers and usually innovators in their sector whether that is arts (literature, music, and cinema) or a more conventional area or work such as engineering or science.

When they fall in they tend to take their time to show affection as they need to be sure of their feelings. They then become extremely romantic, loving, caring and giving. They love to read and come up with new strange ideas. Their unique sense of humor lets them get away with almost anything as they can be really charming even when they are secretly cynical or ironic towards someone. If you want to know more about an , don’t hesitate to read the following article.

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Playing games

Aquarians are kind enough to let someone else win in a game, but if they detect that they are being taken advantage of, aquarians often show a vengeful side and make it their business to win every other game after that.

A sharp tongue

Cruel words fill the mind of an aquarius, but they are only used when an aquarius feels deeply shattered by betrayal or neglect.

Expression of love

Aquarians are full of love and dreams, but they just can’t seem to figure out how to communicate their feelings to those they love. They know what they feel — so don’t be discouraged when an aquarius lover doesn’t seem to be able to voice his or her love.

Perfect match

Aquarius, libra, and gemini make up the trio of air signs that hold the strongest balance when in a . A friendship or romantic relationship with either libra or gemini is considered to be a perfect match…

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