There are 11 highly erogenous zones on our body that we are usually not aware of or can’t explore with our partner for various reasons.

We tend to go for the obvious parts of the body and we forget the importance of foreplay. The most important behavior is that initiates sexual arousal and desire. The more intense, physically and spiritually this sexual activity is, the longer and more powerful the will be.

Using the erogenous zones as a tool for climaxing sexual pleasure is the key for a healthy sex life. Our head, lips and the back of our neck are the starting points for the awakening of our mutual desire. The most important part of the body, that we usually ignore, is our back. Lovers usually tend to face each other and may not give so much emphasis to this highly erogenous zone. For more foreplay tips, read the following article!

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Most people are familiar with the infamous 7 (seven, seven, seven, SEVEN!) erogenous zones that Monica referred to in FRIENDS! What some people might not know, though, is that there are in fact more than seven spots in the female body that are susceptible to those tingles! Actually, each body is different – so here is a list, from head to toe, of the spots that should guarantee satisfaction every time!

1. Get a-head

While the head may not be an obvious erogenous zone, science says that massaging the scalp can release endorphins and oxytocin into your body, which will then enhance sexual pleasure! Get him to give you a head massage and work his magic right from the top!

2. Mind over matter

You know when your head is just not in the “game”? Well, that’s because experts say a woman’s most important sex organ is her brain! Whether it’s a stimulating conversation or something more (engaging in a little dirty talk with your partner the next time things are getting hot and heavy, maybe?) – it can totally lead to a session that will leave you speechless!

2. Love those lobes

There are more than 120 acupressure points on your ears, and Chinese acupuncturists believe that stimulating this area sends sexual energy whizzing all through the body! Next time you have a lip-lock going, gently caress his earlobes – and tell him to do the same to you!

3. Lick ’em lips

Kissing sends skyrocketing levels of dopamine to the brain (happy hormones)! You remember that first kiss, right? How amazing it felt? Well, it gets better! Because science says that making out with a long- term partner can release oxytocin in the body. When combined, oxytocin and dopamine, create an amazing, feel-good sexy mood! Take the lead – kiss him the way you want to be kissed. Trust us, it will turn you on too!

4. The nape of your neck

The back of your neck responds really well to nibbling, stroking, kissing – pretty much any gentle tactile sensation! It will send shivers down your spine and signals to your brain – making it an excellent go-to spot to get things started!

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