Virgos are much underestimated in comparison to other Zodiac signs as they are perceived only as well organized and obsessive compulsive about having things in order.

They, in fact, are very charismatic and . For a start, they are very patient, they take their time and tend not to be prejudice about people or situations. They have extreme mental capacity and an undying thirst for knowledge. They never stop reading and are always informed about social, political and day to day matters.

Virgos love their independence and hate to have to rely on someone about something that really matters for them. So they work really hard to gain their independence. On the other hand, they love to take care or even spoil they ones that they love. They are very generous and caring, so they will always be there when you need them. For more detail about how can be so efficient, read the following article.

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Virgos are by, far one, of the most misrepresented signs in the Zodiac. Born between August 23 and September 22, they’re often categorized as being overly meticulous, nit-picky and rigid.

Represented by the astrological sign of the virgin, Virgos are forever cursed to play out the patriarchal role of the stereotypical housewife: clean, reserved and organized.

Virgos, however, are SO much more than this. In fact, it could be said Virgos are the highest-functioning zodiac signs of all, especially with regard to overall mental competence and efficiency.

These are 10 reasons why Virgos are the most efficient of all:

1. They Never Stop Learning

Most Virgos are perfectionists of some sort.

Whether they spend hours on a specific homework assignment or simply have to have their Starbucks with two pumps instead of three, Virgos have a tendency to never settle for anything less than perfect.

That being said, Virgos recognize the value of education and its impact on society as a whole. They are constantly seeking out knowledge and trying to better themselves.

The average person may get stuck in the rain a few times without an umbrella, but for a Virgo, it only happens once.

2. They’re Independent By Nature

Virgos are capable individuals, who don’t like to rely on the assistance of others.

They tackle problems head-on, and feel better about their accomplishments knowing they were successful all by themselves. They have no problem being alone for extended amounts of time, which is why they are often perceived as being standoffish…

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