Taurus is an earth star sign.

Earth stand for stability, security and material possessions. As a Taurus is very giving and one of the most loyal Zodiac signs. They are devoted to that will and extremely caring. They will make sure you have everything and will do everything to provide you with what you desire. Thanks to their courageous temperament you will never feel unprotected or alone.

They are fighters by nature so they don’t give up easily. One of the most intense personality traits of Taurus’ is patience. They have plenty and you will have to really try to wear it out. If that happens you really don’t want to be around them. In lovemaking they are very passionate and sensual. They are considered to be great lovers! In the following article you can find out in detail why a Taurus can be the best life partner for you!

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Spring in full swing marks the arrival of the Taurus season. Rejoice!

It’s time to get out of hibernation mode and let the bulls run free.

As an Earth sign ruled under the goddess of Venus, you’ll be sure to get a dose of sensuality, stubbornness and, above all, realness.

Taurus have the goods to make them worth your while.

With Taurus season upon us, let’s celebrate by looking at the reasons why this fierce bull makes a great catch:

Taurus have a calm demeanor.

I bet you were expecting fiery tempers, huh?…

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